We connect promising startup talents with experienced and talented business people.

A slideshow of pictures from past venture cup competitions, including the speakers and winners

The Startup Mentor Program connects entrepreneurs and experienced business people with promising university startups. The Startup Mentor Program is data-driven. We track each team’s development frequently during the mentorship.

Most of our +300 mentors are from the Nordic region, but we have +15 countries represented among our mentors. This provides unique international networking opportunities for both professionals and young startups in Portugal. Click here to meet our mentors.

This mentor program is a VIP program and has a limited numbers of mentors. Although, we encourage you to apply, we cannot guarantee entrance to the mentor program.


Expectations & requirements

  • Engagement in your mentee/startup
  • Allocate 4-8 hours of mentoring each month
  • Be a successful entrepreneur OR have more than 4 years of relevant business experience
  • Respond to surveys – Startup Mentor is a data driven program, your feedback is valuable and needed.

Benefits of being a mentor

  • Stay updated on the newest trends, university startups and ideas
  • Gain access to networking and exclusive events
  • Break your old habits
  • Develop new ways of thinking
  • Contribute to the startup ecosystem – help the next generation to achieve success



Expectations & requirements

  • The startup team is actively working on their business or idea
  • The startup has created a business plan
  • At least one member of the startup team is currently enrolled at a Danish university or has graduated within the previous calendar year. Alternatively, the startup has participated in University Startup World Cup
  • Answer an evaluation survey in the beginning and at the end of the program.

As a mentee startup team, you will:

  • Develop your competencies
  • Identify your challenges and opportunities
  • Expand your network
  • Gain and share knowledge
  • Take your startup or idea to the next level