Leading innovation and creating new opportunities is a top priority for many large companies. As your partner, we will support you in all aspects from designing an effective innovation strategy, inspire employees to think and act differently, to running your own incubation or accelerator program.

A slideshow of pictures from past venture cup competitions, including the speakers and winners

We use our Nordic approach in Design Innovation to help you create award winning programs and empower your employees in becoming innovation change officers.

We use our international network among universities and our startup competitions around the world to match you with the right startups and international talents. No matter what your motivation is, we understand the importance of building strong relationships that benefit all parties involved and deliver long-term return on investment.

We are passionate about startups and innovation, and we base our work with corporate innovation on our 17 years of experience having worked with +4000 startups, concluded +1000 matchmaking between corporate professionals and startup talents and hosted +400 workshops.